What moon phase were you born under?

Birth moon phase shows how the energies of the sun and the moon together affects our lives. More importantly, it adds a valuable nuance to our essence and personality.

To find out which moon phase you were born under, click on the link that you find at the end of the post. There you have to type in your birth details and Voila - now you know your moon phase and moon sign. Read next what your birth moon phase means for you personally.

New Moon (0-45 degrees):
Those who is born during the new moon phase are beginning a new karmic cycle. They have come to initiate and create new beginnings. Most importantly, they have come to discover themselves. They are energetic and spontaneous, ready to try anything that interests them. However, they do not want to be the centre of attention and often others may not be aware of their tight schedules or new plans. Here, the person radiates childlike and optimistic qualities and makes decisions according to his feelings. On the negative side, they can be easily influenced by others and may lack persistence in completing all their started activities.

Crescent Moon (45-90 degrees):
Those who is born during the crescent moon phase have a strong will to start something new, but here is also added a focus, which they use to achieving specific goals. They do not jump headfirst into new activities, but they make preparations beforehand. They have confidence, faith in themselves, and enthusiasm to move towards the future. With their new ideas, visions, or creative talents they will challenge old traditions. On the negative side, this person could cling too strongly to their past, which could prevent him from bringing his visions and ideas to fruition.

First Quarter (90-135 degrees):
Those who is born during the first quarter phase are ambitious, motivated, independent, and determined. They are characterized by crisis management, because they can make quick decisions and are easily prepared for challenges and risks. But they can also radiate nervous or tense energy, that can manifest as anger or aggression. In fact, they simply need significant output to direct their energy. They may also constantly feel that they need to overcome life’s obstacles and change the world.

Waxing Gibbous (135-180 degrees):
Those who is born during this phase have analytical and detailed thinking. They often question everything and do not accept simple answers, because they need to get to the heart of the matter. Self-development and the path to perfection are important to this person. They want perfection in all areas of life; relationships, work, private life, which they try to find through personal development. So, they try to gather as much knowledge as possible to stand out in many different areas. They may also have a strong desire to contribute to society or to serve a specific purpose.

Full Moon (180-225 degrees):
Those who is born during this phase have come to discover the dynamics of relationships and find their ideal partner, be it a personal or professional relationship. Through relationships, they come to learn how to work with people who are their opposites. Their task is to find the balance between the opposite energies within themselves, so that they could experience deeper satisfaction and improvement. Their lives can also be rich in different experiences. There can be two types of people here - those who are emotionally troubled or those who have clarity and deeper understanding.

Waning Gibbous (225-270 degrees):
Those who is born during this phase have come to give something back to others. They are great communicators and most of all they want to share their knowledge with the world. So, they may have a strong need to pass on the wisdom they themselves have experienced, or in which they have great faith in. This person should be mindful that the most important thing is not the number of people who receive this information, but rather that it is shared with the world. Such a person can be a teacher, a philosopher, a writer.

Third Quarter (270-315 degrees):
Those who is born during this phase have come to organize their inner picture. They experience a crisis of consciousness because throughout life they re-evaluate old beliefs and values. To do all of this, they need a lot of alone time, peace, and rest. It can often seem that such a person lives somewhere in his own world and has no contact with reality, when in fact he is undergoing internal processes and changes. Their true nature is revealed when they experience internal change and live in accordance with their own beliefs.

Balsamic Moon (315-360 degrees):
Those who is born during this phase have come to end their 8-phase karmic cycle, so that they could start again with a new cycle. That’s why they may experience many short-term and karmic relationships from past lives that needs some sort of closure. By their nature, they may be hermits or enjoy solitude, and rather spend their time in the company of selected people. In addition, they may have well-developed psychic abilities and important messages to share about the future. They are focused on the new future and are ready to end their ties with the past.


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